Brilliant Basement Waterproofing, LLC was established in Lisbon, CT in 2019 and serves most of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.

George, Jake and Justin Benjamin have been doing waterproofing and landscaping drainage since their father had them digging out basements and putting in drainage at 12 years old. Since landscaping & hardscaping work tend to follow yard drainage jobs, Jake and Justin eventually decided to start their own landscaping company, and George decided to do septic systems. This would allow them to continue doing work they knew while not competing with their father’s business. Justin and Jake’s successful landscaping company, Artistic Landscaping Design & Construction, enjoyed 6 busy years from 2013-2019. However, they found themselves being drawn back into drainage work time and time again. When their father decided to retire, they knew it was their chance to make their mark in the world of waterproofing. They have since blended their unique set of skills and expertise into one of the largest and most successful drainage services in New England.

Our Story

Starting when we were teenagers, we had the privilege of working for our father. Unfortunately for us, this job happened to be one of the dirtiest and hardest jobs around. It involved a lot of ditch digging and heavy lifting of objects like 90-pound jackhammers, buckets, rocks, etc. It involved getting into cramped, dark basements and crawl spaces, often inhabited by spiders and other pests. It is a job that we know Mike Rowe would have loved to explore on his “Dirty Jobs” TV show. This job was basement waterproofing.

Our father, George Benjamin, has been involved in waterproofing basements for well over 50 years and has invented many unique and effective methods. He trained us in the field and since then, we have been able to stand on his shoulders to further refine and engineer the process. However, the job remains a dirty one, but it is a job that we have grown to love and take pride in.

Separating from our father’s business for a time, George Benjamin, Jr went on to do septic systems. Justin and Jake opened and ran a very successful landscaping business for 6 years so as not to compete, but work hand-in-hand with their father. In doing so, they also became experts in laying pavers, beautifying landscapes, etc. This unique blend of talents becomes extremely crucial when running our drainage systems through complicated hardscapes that present their own sets of challenges. Now that our father is retiring, we have taken the reins back on waterproofing.

We created Brilliant Basement Waterproofing, LLC to service Eastern Connecticut and surrounding areas. We recently branched out into Northern Indiana, as well.

Our lifetime spent in the field means that we’ve seen it all in regards to water drainage issues. We are both thoroughly experienced and creative – there is absolutely no water problem that we can’t handle.

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